The Game- from Spelledeg

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
The Game- from Spelledeg
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of The Game. This piece was drawn by Spelledeg.

User Comments

by HeSerpenty at

Wow this is REALLY nice! Very complex looking the way you combined your style with the more pixelated look... I love it, I think it's great!

by AAABatteries at

This is so cool! I love the pixel/glitch effects. (This is the last one before I go to sleep, I swear!)

by ProfEtheric at

Oh, nice! I love the digitization effects on this!

by Zannthesword at

i love it, great use of blur btw

by Ninabird at

Love what Spelledeg did with the background!

by Alicia at

Ooooh, nice design! Very cool!

by Vivocateur at

The effects here look excellent.

by Lt. Dom at

if this were an underground poetry club i‛d snap my fingers to this. very well done.

by Centcomm at

I love the digital effects .. that is awesome :D

by Spitfire at

Really great combination of digital roughness and smooth lineart o.o

by GreenMangos at

how did you do the sick pixelation effect!? i should learn how to do that! :V

by Spellodello at

I'm so glad you like it!!
It's the mosaic effect in photoshop set on a multiply layer though + some other settings :D

by GreenMangos at

thanks :33

by HapyCow at

Whoa!!! I agree, I want to learn that pixel effect that is so cool. Amazing job!

by the rouge humingbird at

dang son

by Stever at

Whoa, that is just oozing with stylistic awesomeness.

by rufiangel at

Love the art and concept on this! :D Super cool!

by Damatris at

I really like the concept in this. And it looks so cool!

by Th4natos at

Wow! this one's a killer! Great job Spell!