Chroma By Centcomm

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Chroma By Centcomm
by Centcomm at

Heres a little something I cooked up for AAA Batterys ! and the comic Chroma!

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by ProfEtheric at

Hahahahaha! A box! Yes!

Well done, Centy!

by Centcomm at

hey .. how else am I gonna explain this one to the guys upstairs " have TARDIS will travel.. " But which doctor is it Hmmmm...

by Monday at

It's got a TARDIS. That automatically makes it awesome.

Nicely done!

by Centcomm at

Sqeeee :D

by HeSerpenty at

Lol! Centy this is so good! The characters all look gorgeous!

by Centcomm at

Thanks you ! - I am so red now..

by AAABatteries at

I wasn't expecting mine to be first oh my gosh
Thank you so, so much! Amy looks really awesome, and this is so cute!!
I wasn't prepared to see Chroma fanart right away aaaaaaaaaa
(Also, I love the red streak!)

by Centcomm at

Its actually a dark "violet" color more in fitting with your color choices - I kinda gave it a shot in t he dark for the rest .. I could have done so much better >_< Im glad you like it ^_^

by AAABatteries at

Ahhh, I can see the violet now...
Actually, it's kind of surprising how accurate this is to how I imagine her!

by Centcomm at

THAT makes it all worth while :D Ill have to do another shot of her with JUST her :D so you can see the details :D

by HapyCow at

Ah very cool! So which Doctor is she friends with? :)

by Centcomm at

That .. would be the Tenth Doctor :D And hes Orchids friend :D they are both very long lived Aliens :D

by Spitfire at

Woo well done! Lucky AAA Battery!

by Confettirainbowpony at

Tee her!! This is so cute! And well done, Centcomm!:D

by Stever at

This one makes me explode with geekyness. I love it!

by Lt. Dom at

*sings doctor who theme song*

by CrystalCircle at

This is awesome! :D

by Matt Knab at

Very nice. :)