Himitsu Kessha By XibalbanSleeper

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Himitsu Kessha By XibalbanSleeper
by Centcomm at

Enjoy this Piece by Xibalbansleeper and heres his note
from - XibalbanSleeper

Katsu as the Tenth Doctor and Dara as the TARDIS

I also Included:
- Toby from Bad Adjectives as Bart Simpason
- Eric From Let it Ride as Lupin the Third
- Hero from Property of Hate as Paddington Bear
- Podgeworth from Slightly Eccentric as the Mad Hatter


User Comments

by Monday at

Hero and the Doctor in one page.

I am a happy nerd. Also, I want to go to this party.

by ProfEtheric at

Sooo... is this the party that Dara took all the ecstacy at?

Well done, XS!

by Sleeper at

Nah, this actually takes place after my story. Otherwise she's be trying to score some X off of Eric.

by AAABatteries at

Ooh, I like the crossover idea; this is really cool!

by Vivocateur at

The costumes are so clever.

by HapyCow at

Ooh yes, David Tennant!! <3 Amazing!! :D

by Sleeper at

He's the one I think of as "the correct Doctor"

by Alicia at

lol, Now the Lupin the Third theme music will be in my head all day today. XD This picture is great!

by Stever at

I love Lupin the Third. Great one!

by Sleeper at


I've wanted to draw Eric as Lupin for a long time now. This has not slaked that thirst. Steps will have to be taken.

by Confettirainbowpony at

Ha!! i totally caight the Lupin XP

by Lt. Dom at

*sings the doctor who theme... oh wait I already did*


*runs out of original witty comments*

by alston123 at

This is amazing! I love Doctor Who, and Katsu is a pretty good looking Doctor! ;) I actually am a whovian for Halloween. I've got my "Bow Ties Are Cool" shirt and my TARDIS hat on. :3

by Centcomm at

I see you found it :D

by alston123 at

Haha. Yeah. Sorry. ;P

by Sleeper at

I actually didn't see it post the first time I ran through either. Really glad you liked it. I saw Katsu and immediately thought "I have to dress him as the Doctor"

by alston123 at

Hehe. Great choice, my friend. Couldn't have had a better one. ;)

by CrystalCircle at

So many characters! :D This is cool!