Indifferently Evil by CrystalCircle

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Indifferently Evil by CrystalCircle
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A fun one by CrystalCircle here :D

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by Vivocateur at

Adorable zombie dog :3

by HeSerpenty at

O dang... lot's happening! Egad he's been bitten! I hope he got his anti zombie vaccine :O

This is great!

by AAABatteries at

Heh, convincing indeed!

by Monday at

At first I kept a straight face, but I lost it at the dog with the arm.

Very awesome.

by argylefox at

OMG, I love this! You draw the dog so much better than I do!

But.... is it my imagination, or did I get two comics from this?

by CrystalCircle at

I'm glad you like it! This was so much fun to draw! I love that dog XD

by HapyCow at

So cool, love all the glowy-ness! :) And of course, Minish cap link..that is a creative costume!

by Alicia at

Hee hee, YUS! That dog is great! Also, Minish Cap is great! Lots of greatness going on here. :)

by Spitfire at

Have to love that pups :D

by VanEzzania at

That dog xD

by Stever at

Seems like dogs would really have fun with a zombie apocalypse. Nice character work.

by Lt. Dom at

ZOMBIE DOG!! I must have

by Doomy at

Aww zombie love-bite.

That dog is so adorable.
I want 2 or 3 of them. <3