Luna Star By Spelledeg

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Luna Star By Spelledeg
by Centcomm at

Spelledeg does Black Gate!! :D Err I mean Spelldeg makes Black Gate comic .. and did this fan art piece .. its amazing .. I couldn't stop giggling .. nor could Rose...

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by Monday at

Hehehe... Very well done, and I love the costumes.

by Spellodello at

(It's Luna Star but shh)
I have a silly love of Edict. :')

by HeSerpenty at

So cute!! Lolol

Treats..TREATS for the adorable cuties! Great piece! :D

by HapyCow at

Hahah! :) Funny costumes are my fav, well done!

by Alicia at

This is super cute!

by Spitfire at

Awahahaha ^^ !!

by Stever at

Aww man, those costumes really crack me up XD

by Lt. Dom at

Uhhh... Trick!

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This is so cute! I love the costumes XD

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*throws them*