Aquascope by Alicia

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Aquascope by  Alicia
by Centcomm at

OOOH! another by Alicia of Silver !

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by Monday at

Chibi! They're so cute.

by Alicia at

Thanks! ^.^ I do love drawing me some chibis! <3

by ProfEtheric at

Once again, Alicia knocks it out... and again, no pumpkin... (I'm totes telling on her!)

by Centcomm at

Sense she did this as a backup - im not complaining :D

by ProfEtheric at

I figured... I was just teasing!

by Alicia at


by HeSerpenty at

Omg that's too adorbs xDD
Alicia you can pull off cool, sexy, AND adorable!
It's why I'm so in love with y--*gasps!* :X
I've said too much...

by Centcomm at

Right there with you Serp.. *sighs*

by Alicia at

Shh, not yet Serpy. We gotta wait and declare our love publicly later, when the time is just right. XD

by HeSerpenty at're right, I'm sorry. I just.. get so excited, it's hard to contain it!
XDDD lolol

by HapyCow at

WINDWAKER STYLE EEEEEE <3 You nailed it, Alicia! I wouldn't expect anything less from a huge Zelda nerd (I've definitely drawn in this style too, hehe)

by Alicia at

Hee hee, I wish I could take credit for this wonderful, Windwaker-ish style, but it is actually CorinthB's adorable ACTUAL style! :D (Everyone go read her comic! So CUTE! <3)

by VanEzzania at

Adorable! :D

by Alicia at

Thanks! :D

by Spitfire at

Tsk pumpkin missing...but so cutee....

by Alicia at

I know, I know. >.< I didn't put any pumpkins in any of them... I am lame. x____x

by Spitfire at

You compensate with awesome art <3

by Stever at

This one makes my cute meter max out :D

by Alicia at

Awesome. That's exactly what I was going for. >___>

by Waffles597 at

I think Alicia's trying to kill me from cuteness overload... And I'm not so sure that I'm against it. -.-

by Alicia at

lol That sounds like a problem you might want to discuss with your psychiatrist... XD

by Waffles597 at

You mean that guy who won't stop twitching and has a fancy hugging shirt? I guess I could use one of those snazzy outfits... XP

by Lt. Dom at

Weee alll livee in a ... grey submarine?

by Alicia at

Hmm, not as catchy as the original. Oh well. XD

by CorinthB at

I LOVE IT!!! It's so cute. :3
Great job, Alicia!
I don't think I can express my love for this!

by Alicia at

Aw, thanks! I'm so glad! ^.^ I love drawing these guys-- they are just too dang adorable! <3

by CrystalCircle at

This is adorable!

by Alicia at

These characters of hers ARE adorable! <3

by Doomy at

Chibiiiiiiis. <3

by Alicia at

I think I need to make more chibis. After all, what would our world be like WITHOUT CHIBIS?!

by Matt Knab at

Adorable, Alica!

by alston123 at

This is so cute!! ^_^