Future Regrets By Matt Knab

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Future Regrets By Matt Knab
by Centcomm at

This is done by the wonderful Matt Knab of Twilight Trust!

User Comments

by HeSerpenty at

THERE's that ever-so-recognizable style we all know and love! :3
Great work, Matt! As always! :D

by Matt Knab at

I think it's awesome that I have a recognizable style. :D Thanks, Serpy!

by Alicia at

So cute! You are so great at arranging simple, WONDERFUL compositions too! ^.^

by Matt Knab at

Thanks, Alicia!

by RyoshiMicchi at

Lovely shading/lighting, especially on the pumpkin^^

by Matt Knab at

Why thank you.
I always have fun with the glows. XD

by ProfEtheric at

Sweet! Very nice!

by Matt Knab at

Thanks, glad you like it!

by Stever at

Yes, the great comic style of Matt! Love the witches outfit against that color.

by Matt Knab at

Thanks, Stever!

by Monday at

I love the way the pose involves the pumpkin. Really cool.

by Matt Knab at

Lol, I wasn't sure if the whole "include a pumpkin" thing was serious or not, so I erred on the side of caution. XD

by Waffles597 at

I think anyone in the pumpkin's position would have that face. Lucky little scamp.

by Matt Knab at

Hrm, good point. ;)

by CrystalCircle at

You have such a unique style! I love the shading in this :)

by Matt Knab at

Thanks Crystal! I had fun with the glowy lighting. :D

by Deo at

Thanks! Mir looks really cute in that image!

by Matt Knab at

Glad you like it! XD

by Doomy at

Ohh what a cutie!
Happy Halloween!

by Matt Knab at

Thanks Doomy. Same to you!

by Lt. Dom at

Who did this one? I can't quite tell...

That's hard to draw pose and it's done really well here.