Demented by HapyCow

in 2014 Halloween Fan Art Exchange
Demented by HapyCow
by Centcomm at

This is done by the lovely Hapycow! for the awesome Doomy!

User Comments

by HeSerpenty at

LOL Hapy! This is perfect! PERFEECT! XDD
*wipes tear* The pumpkin bra. Too too good XD

by HapyCow at

Hehe XD I knew all along I was going to do that, but thanks for giving me the idea for the silly devil costume! Worked out well.

by Guest at

Great work. Ha.

by HapyCow at

Thank you mysterious guest! <3

by Alicia at

LOL Oh man, that pumpkin bra... XD

...Wait, that almost looks edible? >____>;

by HapyCow at

I think that's just in your head Alicia...unless...did I just invent an edible pumpkin bra?! People do love their pumpkin flavor.

by ProfEtheric at

"This is so wrong!" Love it!

by HapyCow at

why thank you :D

by Spitfire at

Oh my god that bra XDDD Hapy!

by HapyCow at

*innocent face* What? XD Kael would totally rock a pumpkin bra! Maybe he already has one!

by Stever at

Haha! So funny XD

Love that costume so much!

by HapyCow at

Thanks! :)

by Monday at

Well, it is certainly the most innovative use of the trademark exchange pumpkins I've seen so far...


by HapyCow at

Yess, does that mean I win?! ;)

by Jarvi at

Shining...pumpkin...bra..... I'm dying xD

by HapyCow at

Don't die Saari! XD Hehe. I love your new avatar!

by Jarvi at

Aww thank you .^___^. I love it too :)

by NamePendingCreations at

Cute. : ]

by HapyCow at

Thanks!! :)

by CrystalCircle at

Oh my...XD This is too great!

by HapyCow at

Too great? Nah. XD But thank you!

by Doomy at

... I need to draw Kael in that pumpkin bra outfit one day.

Too adorable, they make such an odd trick-or-treating pair I love it. xD

by Matt Knab at

Haha, that's just about perfect, Hapy. :)

by Lt. Dom at

The colors are so great I could just lick them! ... uh... the colors... lick the colors...