Snarlbear by ProfEtheric

in 2014 Halloween Fan Art Exchange
Snarlbear by ProfEtheric
by Centcomm at

ProfEtheric is the wonderful person behind Autumn Bay!

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by Alicia at

Ooh, awesome! I usually don't think of rainbows when I think of Halloween, but you make it work so well here, I think I am going to start. :D

by ProfEtheric at

Well, after doing a quick read of the comic, given that our heroine there is punching monsters throughout the Rainbow Dimension, I knew what I had to do. This was another piece I did on backup.

by Stever at

Very nicely done! The colors are unique and the look of triumph is priceless :D

by ProfEtheric at

Again, I was trying to capture the comic, and she definitely seems to feel pretty god after punching out a monster...

by Monday at

Aww, the poor pumpkin...!

by ProfEtheric at

If you knew what that pumpkin had done, you would know it had it coming...

by Gearfish at

Eat fist, nerd squash

by Gearfish at

Also, thank you!!! I'm not sure why I got 2 but that's cool

by ProfEtheric at

I was tapped at the last minute when there was a (small) chance that the original might not be done on time (Centcomm was being extra cautious, so some people ended up with 2).

On the plus side, you got an extra fan art and a new subscriber out of the deal!

by CrystalCircle at

This is awesome! I love her expression!

by ProfEtheric at

Thank you! She is exuberantly victorious!

by Lt. Dom at

who wants a bear hug??

by HeSerpenty at

Onlyshe can make rainbows look bada*s!
Great job on this!