Nonlinear By Alicia

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Nonlinear By Alicia
by Centcomm at

another stunning Piece by Alicia ( she does a LOT of work ! ) of the comic Silver ( if you aren't reading it you should be! )

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by Sleeper at

OMG Adorable squid cat! Great work Alicia!

by Alicia at

Thanks! This is my first time drawing a squid cat. >_>

by alston123 at

Alicia, this is so cool! And gotta love animal hybrids! :3

by Alicia at

So cuddly, so slimy. :3

by ProfEtheric at

*clap clap clap*
Excellent, Alicia! I love the B-movie/Grindhouse feel here! (Even if there STILL is no pumpkin... I'm kidding! Kidding! Please no glares...)

by Alicia at

=____= lol Thanks!

by Spitfire at

When ever you do this low saturation/high saturation it always becomes such relentless eye candy!

by Alicia at

Yes, it was gonna all be in color at first, but then I realized I had no clue what colors the characters in the black and white comic were. XD This worked out better anyway, right? >____>;

by Spitfire at

Yisss!! it did!!

by Starchasm at

Aw, Poo, good point. I think we're making the switch to color soon :D

by Stever at

I really love the way those characters pop against the orange background. Such a cute kitty :D

by Alicia at

I know right? How could I NOT draw the kitty? :3

by Monday at

Octocat. I want one.

by Alicia at

Two! So you can make adorable kittens! XD

by Starchasm at

I LOVE IT!!!!! OMG, Valence and Sprinkles!!!! EEEEEEE!!!!

by Alicia at

Yay, I'm so glad you like it! ^.^ They were super fun to draw!

by LeRenardRoux at

This is fantastic, Alicia. XD

by Alicia at

Hee hee, thanks! :3

by CrystalCircle at

I just love your style so much! Awesome work!

by Alicia at

Thank you! I'm always worried that people won't like my style as much because of teh animes influence... >.< But oh well, ha ha.

by HapyCow at

Sooooooo neat, I love the use of "noise" as well..ooh look at you, gettin' all fancy with your digital tools! ;)

by Alicia at

Heck yeeeah. I can computer sometimes? XD

by Matt Knab at

*scrolling down*
Hrm...still adorable. :)

by Lt. Dom at

oh god that cat! I was hungry two seconds ago, now? ...

by HeSerpenty at

Love the coloring choices you made here Alicia! And that cat is SO cool! Looovellyyyy as usual!! :D