Serpents Of Old By lirvilas

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Serpents Of Old By lirvilas
by Centcomm at

Lets hear it for the Ultimate peanuts references!
dont they look adorable !

By lirvilas of Graphic Serial Let it ride

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by Sleeper at

I don't know why but Merek as Charlie Brown is doing a serious number on my funny bone.

Great work Lirvilas

by Alicia at

Oh, Merek. At least he isn't smoking here? XD

by ProfEtheric at

Wow... blind-sided by the Charlie Brown thing! Awesome!

by VanEzzania at


by Stever at

Great spoof of my favorite holiday special of all time!

by Monday at

This just makes me happy. I am happy that this exists in the world.

by HeSerpenty at

Aww wow what a great surprise I wasn't expecting two! Lolol omg lirvilas this is HILARIOUS XDD

Merek stop looking so sour everyone loves Charlie Brown! XDD hahaha

Great, awesome job! :D :D

by lirvilas at

As someone who in the past has been forced to dress up as "Chuck", I feel Merek's pain.

I'm kinda surprised nobody had done this with your characters yet, HeSerpenty... I felt that this idea came almost too easily to be original.

by CrystalCircle at

This is amazing! XD

by Lt. Dom at

Good grief!