SteamSword By Delvarian

in 2014 Halloween Fan Art Exchange
SteamSword By Delvarian
by Centcomm at

Delvarian does the wonderful comic Cemetery Girl

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by lirvilas at

Dang, Delvarian! Nice work!

by Alicia at

Oooh, you people and your sexy pirate drawings! (Please don't stop! MOAR!) :D

by ProfEtheric at

Oh wow... nice!

(I might have to check out Cemetery girl... no, wait, I'm DEFINITELY checking it out!)

by Spitfire at

Really cool style :)

by Babel116 at




this is wicked awesome!

dem boots doe.

by Stever at

Oh my god, those boots :O

I can't wait to show my wife this one. She's going to be like, "How do we make those!"

by Monday at

Ridiculous level of detail here. Awesome.

by CrystalCircle at

Wow! Love the costume and all that detail!

by Doomy at

Wooohoo that outfit!
Such amazing details on those boots though. <3

by Lt. Dom at

those boots were made for walking alright.

by HeSerpenty at

Oooo this is neat-- LOve the boots!