Silver- from Kuri

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Silver- from Kuri
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Silver. This piece was drawn by Kuri.

User Comments

by Centcomm at

oh that is awesome ... love the soft shading :D

by ProfEtheric at

Oh, I like this. The style here is excellent. Great work!

by HeSerpenty at

Wow I think they look really nice in this style!!! I recognized them immediately awwww, Jeriah and Annabelle! <3

Great work!!!! :DD

by Alicia at

Aw, this is super awesome! They are so cute... and I absolutely LOVE traditional work! <3 Thank you sooo much! ^.^

I love Jeriah's smile the best. XD

by Kuri at

I'm so glad you liked it!! it was a lot of fun to make, and I LOVED Silver! I wanted to subscribe and comment right away, but I thought it'd give me away too easily x'D

Jeriah is so cooooool ; O; heehee

by Lt. Dom at

That hair... THAT HAIR

by Spitfire at

aaah! The texture of real markers! And the form that they dig up! Awesomesauce :3

by Ninabird at

So much texture. It looks like it's on a paper page. So awesome!

by Kuri at

It IS on paper! ;)

I actually don't like that texture thing but I can't avoid my markers from doing that xDD others always seeem to like it though!

by Vivocateur at

Super cute.

Is the colour done with markers? It looks great!

by Kuri at

Yep! Copic markers. Thank you! :)

by The Letter M at

Very nice

by Calisa at

Eeeee this is super cute! :D

by Gryphon at

I am enamored with this one! I'm loving the style!

by reneekatz at

Great style AND it looks like it was done with colored pencil which is really cool!

by Kuri at

Markers, actually! I haven't used pencils in years x'D thanks!!

by MistakeNPotatoes at

Very impressive gradients, I dig this a lot.

by TuxedoComics at

Man I love the style on this one! The colored shading is fantastic!

by HapyCow at

Eeeeee I love everything about this!!! I wish I drew in your style, Kuri. XD

by the rouge humingbird at

Gaaa I love it. is this traditional or digital.

by Kuri at

It's all traditional! ink and copic markers :)

And a bit of white ink that I completely messed up but WHOOPS THINGS HAPPEN

by VanEzzania at

Jeriah's actual expression

by Stever at

The way you do the colors on this one just blow me away :O

by rufiangel at

Man, I feel like I cannot love this piece enough. The composition and the colours are top-notch even without mentioning how friggin' cute they are!! XD

by Damatris at

Oh, I love this! <3 They look so cute and I love the texture.

by graver13 at

Digital... or traditional? Either way, I love it. I love the colors used and the texture. Can't stop looking at that, just can't...

by Kuri at

100% traditional! ink and markers :) thank you so much!!!

Such nice comments from everyone aaaa thanks guys ; _; <3

by Th4natos at

Holy batman! this a work of art! Excellent work here Kuri

by Waffles597 at

Wow... *drools*

by DeadFish at

Absolutely love this piece! Kuri is so talented that it HURTS!

by AAABatteries at

This is too cute! Your colors look so nice! (you must have a much wider variety of colors than I do haha)

by Matt Knab at

Haha, that's cute!

by Babel116 at

that is killer!