Kaza's Mate... Gwenna By zartala

in 2014 Halloween Fan Art Exchange
Kaza's Mate... Gwenna By zartala
by Centcomm at

this is totally Cute :D

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by Alicia at

Ha ha part of me was like "But how does he keep that pumpkin from falling off?" then I was like "Oh, it's just a censor bar." XD

by ProfEtheric at

Pumpkin as sensor bar... *head-splode*

This is delightful! Awesome!

by zartala at

I'm happily surprised that this version went up. I didn't know if the nudity was too explicit for the exchange rules.

Jay042, if you would like the alternate version with a fully costumed Kaza, please let me know. I didn't want to PM you and ruin the surprise of this picture.

by Spitfire at

Superman just as I like him ;D

by Stever at

Finally a pumpkin is actually useful XD

by Monday at

Another quite innovative use of the pumpkin.

by Jay042 at

Kaza's penis seems to get stuck in a lot of odd things in these exchanges :)

by Starchasm at

It's about time someone came up with a Halloween version of "Dick In A Box"!

by reneekatz at

Man he's right about that superman costume...

by CrystalCircle at

LOL awesome! Perfect use of the pumpkin

by Doomy at


Nice use of that pumpkin lol