jenffer's show by Stever

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jenffer's show by Stever
by Centcomm at

I actually laughed myself silly when I saw this :P
By Stever of Batty and Cork and Blotto

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by Alicia at

Ha ha, one is a happy pumpkin and the other is a sad pumpkin? Oh right, we are talking about the actual pumpkins. (This is cute! XD)

by ProfEtheric at

Subject ProfEtheric is unable to comment due to a sudden laughter-induced death. The subject was found near a note on which was scrawled the words "very nice, awesome work", with the "k" running off the page. Police suspect foul play.

by Stever at

This one was really fun to draw.

by jenffer at

thank you i realy like this

by Stever at

I'm glad, sometimes it's really fun to mix characters from different strips and see what happens ;D

by CrystalCircle at

Awesome XD