Love from Silent hill By Rinkel

in 2014 Halloween Fan Art Exchange
Love from Silent hill By Rinkel
by Centcomm at

Rin orginally thought she wouldnt get done ! *I* knew better .. but we still had a backup ..

And from Rinkel = "Sorry if he doesn't look quite like how you pictured him, I did my best to translate your pixels into my art style! >.<"

User Comments

by Alicia at

AH! This is too adorable! HE is too adorable! <3 (Can I have him? :3)

by ProfEtheric at

Hey, don't wink at ME like that, mister...

Good work!

by Spitfire at

Eek that cute vampire just winked at me!!!

by Stever at

Hmmm... Now I know what tie I want!

by Monday at

Ooh, now THERE'S a fancy vamp.

by Chris the Blue at

Well, unfortunately, that's the price to pay for making a sprite comic. Your thousands of adoring fans just can't see the characters the way you do.

Honestly, though, that's pretty sweet.

by CrystalCircle at

This is awesome!