The Ten Tailors of Weston Court By Van Husk I

in 2014 Halloween Fan Art Exchange
The Ten Tailors of Weston Court By Van Husk I
by Centcomm at

By Van Husk I of Random Things For Random Beings

User Comments

by the rouge humingbird at

Who is the sassiest.

by ilayas at

Hard to say there is a lot of sass going on in this picture.

by Monday at

I think Loup wins, just for the hips.

by LeRenardRoux at

omg I can't decide. It's a total sassfest XD

by alston123 at

I friggin love this!!! :D

by ProfEtheric at

Cool as hell! Well done!

by Babel116 at

seriously awesome.

by Alicia at

So good! I love the layout and the drawings of everyone!

by Stever at

Very nice. Great graphic design!

by Waffles597 at

This was the perfect assignment for Van Husk.

by Spitfire at

Wow! Really good depiction of the ten tailors :o

by LeRenardRoux at

This is so awesome! They're like the grumpy old men Brady Bunch XD Thank you so much Van Husk! I love it!! <3

by Milk at

Oh...em...gee...I was thinking earlier that it reminded me of a dysfunctional Brady bunch ad...

by CrystalCircle at

Look at all that sass! I love their expressions!

by HapyCow at

Hehehe, I think the guy at the bottom left is my fav. XD He's the sassiest for me. <3 I'm just a sucker for guys in glasses.

by Matt Knab at

That looks just about perfect!