Abby Normal-from Spitfire

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Abby Normal-from Spitfire
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Abby Normal. This piece was drawn by Spitfire.

Note from Spitfire: "I wanted to make something really special, and I like all of your chars. The meeting of Abby and the vampire was just ahead so my mind made this and also I wanted to make a dress for dancing for Abby but still keep it looking like Abby. Thanks for making Abby Normal <3"

User Comments

by ProfEtheric at

Sooooo pretty!

by Spitfire at

Thank you :) sooo much :D

by Calisa at

Omg, SB looks so sad in the background! xDD

Beautiful work! I think Petunia is my favorite part. <3

by Spitfire at

Hehe I put a little extra in his expression, unfortunately it shows bit badly, he's jealous...

And thank you ^^ I wanted to keep all the details on Petunia as close to the original as possible. It was fun to draw her hands that aren't really visible :D

by HeSerpenty at

HOLY SMOKES Spitfire!!! This is amaaazing! Well if I didn't ship Abby n Darco before (totes did)..I'm sure shippin them NOW!!

*salutes* much respect!

by Spitfire at

Ahaha thank yoous, I'm sure everyone felt that shippin nudge in their head when reading the comic to the part where they meet :D

by Vivocateur at

Really impressive :D

and romantic <3

by Spitfire at

Thank you! I did attempt to go syrup sweet romance on it :D

by Ninabird at

Oh. My. Goodness. The swirls on the dress are alone amazing.

by Spitfire at

Ahaha thank you, I got carried away "MOER SWIRRRLIEES!!" :D

by Centcomm at

wow .. this.. this.. just. no words.

by Spitfire at

Enuf said :3 thank you <3

by reneekatz at

Damn that white floating cat has such a cool pose. That looks like it was hard to draw.

by Spitfire at

Actually the cat came fairly naturally and was easy to draw. I've done a few snow sculpture kitties so that probably helped :3 thank you ^^

by TuxedoComics at

This one really is beautiful! I love the detail on the dress, and for some reason, I really love the shading on the ghost on the top right!

by Spitfire at

Thank you darling ^^<3 I did put a lil extra nudge on the dresses textures and all..

by HapyCow at

Omg!!! That's like the nicest thing ever, spitfire!! Holy cow, I'm really touched and this drawing is so beautiful! The folds in her you drew everybody! Even the smoke cougar, haha. Aw if only their meeting was this romantic ;) thank you so so much!

by Spitfire at

I wanted to include everybody ^^ because every character in your comic is so cool and they have such wonderful dynamics :) (I missed the guys in the lab in the beginning and the animals in the forest :C a-huh...) It really makes my day that you're happy about the picture. I hope you get better soon :)

by Alicia at

Absolutely wonderful! MAN you can draw some serious clothes! I kind of feel bad for Shadow Boy for whatever reason. XD Great pic!

by Spitfire at

Yes, the clothes are very serious o_o Abby's dress's lace has skulls in it :D thank you ^^<3

by The Letter M at

Very nicely done.

by Spitfire at

Thank you dearly :)

by Stever at

This one is SOO elegant.

by Spitfire at

Thank you, I usually try to go elegant and hit somewhere between clumsy and awkward :D

by rufiangel at

This piece is amazing to every last detail. I think that dress design is crazy awesome, and the colours in this piece alongside the layout and choice of poses is amazing. <3 I love all the extra attention paid to everything!! Beautiful piece <3

by Spitfire at

Thank you <3 TvT it feels so wonderful when someone notices these things <3

by Monday at

This is absolutely amazing.

And now I have a new ship to keep track of.

by Spitfire at

Ahahaha thank you! Lets hope it's not a titanic :D

by Lt. Dom at

Thiiiiis issss the niiiiight what a beautiful niiiight!

by Spitfire at

Thank you, I think the brainjar light is the most romantic one in the world :D

by Damatris at

Oh WOW! This is absolutely gorgeous! <3

by Spitfire at

Oh thank you <3

by graver13 at

Damn, I love how you did the ghosts and the smoke cougar and even the texturing on the blue part of Abby's dress. The detail work on this is excellent! never would have thought I'd see Abby in a dress like that, though ;)

by Spitfire at

Thank you ^^ I didn't just splat that texturing on, I had to twist it a little to get the flow right. The dress was because of the dance, she had to have a flowy dress for a dance :D but I tried to keep all the material ideas from the original clothing, thus there's some jeans cloth on the dress ^^

by Th4natos at

Abby all grown up! But seriously, words can't describe how beautiful this page is.
Really well done here, Spitz.

by Spitfire at

Thank you so much ^^ I should have been bit more careful with the measurements.

by AAABatteries at

Oh, wow, this is really nice. The lighting is amazing, the dress folds are amazing, the colors are gorgeous oh gosh

by Spitfire at

Thank you so much ^^ I hope to do better next time ;D

by Matt Knab at

Awesome interpretation!
I especially like the spectral cat effect. :)

by Spitfire at

Haha thank you ^^ he's made with a few layers to get the smokyness. I used a method to make the see through but as I've not done it much before I didn't quite get it as good as intented ^^"