Xenobiosis by Binyamin

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Xenobiosis by Binyamin
by Centcomm at

Binyamin does Dynamite & Silverware :D

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by ProfEtheric at

Cool! I wouldn't have thought of a giant pumpkin vine...

by Binyamin at


by Alicia at

Looks like she's been growing that pumpkin for a long time and-- OH MY. Are those contacts? XD This is a wonderful pic. :3

by Binyamin at

Thank you! Her eyes are that color in the comic, but not all red, just the irises. I just felt like doing them that way.

by Stever at

Great concept!

by Binyamin at

Thank you!

by Monday at

Nicely done. Also, as someone who's drawn those tattoos before, I will say that is quite impressive.

by Binyamin at

I just copied from the comic. And when it got too hard to be consistent, I just made stuff up.

by CrystalCircle at

This is cool!

by Binyamin at