Let it Ride- from shastab24

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Let it Ride- from shastab24
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Birchwood High. This piece was drawn by shastab24.

Note from shastab24: "Add your own dialog. I was meaning to put some in, but none felt right so I'll go the cop-out route and have it be open to others to add."

User Comments

by ProfEtheric at

Heh... looks like someone's ready to start something!

by Ninabird at

Everyone looks so intense!

by Centcomm at

hehe - mad libs eh?

" Guys.. Guys.. Do you see what I see... "

by lirvilas at

Sam (Blond dude in the middle): "So I should probably assume that I'm paying for lunch?"

by HeSerpenty at

Nice expressions Shastab!! And colors too! Great job! :D

by Spitfire at

Nice work :3 @lirvilas lol

by Vivocateur at

I recognized the characters at once.

by lirvilas at

Yah, thanks Shastab!

Sam: "Hey! Why did I get drawn without pants?!"

by Alicia at

Very cool composition here! :)

by Stever at

Haha! How about, "Here we go again" XD

by Lt. Dom at

this is how I order takeout with my friends. It also involves a lot of yelling.

by Th4natos at

Lol great expessions here, shastab!

by AAABatteries at

Love the posing and expressions!