Child's Eyes by Alston123

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Child's Eyes by Alston123
by Centcomm at

Alston123 does - Elements and Himitsu Kessha WHOOO!

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by ProfEtheric at

Neat! It's amazing what people are coming up with for the pumpkin...

by alston123 at

Thank you! ;)

by Alicia at

lol Aw, at least she is trying? She seems so happy about it even though she was completely rejected. XD

by alston123 at

Haha. Yeah. ;)

by Stever at

You can use a pumpkin. To throw at her XD

by alston123 at

Haha. Nice. ;)

by Monday at

Awww... grumpiness! They're both so cute.

by alston123 at

Grumpiness is beautfiul. :3

by graver13 at

Heh! After the first bubble I was all "maybe Alston's from the other 6/7th of the world that doesn't have Halloween the way we do here in 1/7th of the world, but that's not how it's done..." then I see that wheelchair kid's got my back. Creative and hilarious use of the obligatory pumpkin!

Also, in defense of the gift scorn, you can do a LOT with a pumpkin. Even if most jack-o-lanterns are made from carving pumpkins, that looks small enough to be a sugar pumpkin, and those you can turn into pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake... hell you can do that with carving pumpkins as well with a bit of extra prep. That wheelchair bound kid is just being difficult! ;p

by alston123 at

Hehe. Exactly!
Man, you're making me hungry. Uh. I'd kill for some pumpkin pie right now! :D

by RyoshiMicchi at

It's so cute! You captured their personalities very well XD

by alston123 at

Why thank you! ;)

by CrystalCircle at

This is cute!

by alston123 at