Sandbox Drama by Gearfish

in 2014 Halloween Fan Art Exchange
Sandbox Drama by Gearfish
by Centcomm at

Done by the wonderful Gearfish! of Snarlbear !

User Comments

by the rouge humingbird at

Sucj a pretty pony.

by ProfEtheric at

Cool... I really like this!

by Alicia at

OMG It's... it's a...

CANDYCORN! (Get it? >___>;) <3

by Monday at

Oh goodness... xD

by Matt Knab at

Haha, perfect.

by Stever at

Beautiful illustration!

by CrystalCircle at

That's one majestic candy corn! :D

by Spitfire at

OMG! Traditional art UNI!!! I love this! He's all "yeah I'm gorgeous!" It's just so pretty with how the light goes around and pumpkin colour ^^ Thank you so much Gearfish! Amazing piece! You're so talented and I'm lucky to have received art from you <3

by Gearfish at

No prob dude, we need more fantasy comics with unicorns