The Wolf at Weston Court- from Taily

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
The Wolf at Weston Court- from Taily
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of The Wolf at Weston Court. This amazingly adorable piece was drawn by Taily.

...wait. Are you saying my characters are nuts?

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by Calisa at

Omg, it's so adorable! Nice job, Taily. :)

by ProfEtheric at

Hahahahahaha! I love this!

by Spitfire at

Ohhh such wonderful depiction of the characters! I really love the allround roundness of the expression!

(wow I'm great at making sense...)

by HeSerpenty at

Lol!! I love this XDD

Great job, Taily!

by reneekatz at

The acorn wallpaper...

by Vivocateur at

This is really very cute.

by Centcomm at

hehe this is too funny :D lovely job !

by Ninabird at

<3 Loup's intense knitting face!

by Taily at

Heheh, it was my favorite thing to draw!


by LeRenardRoux at

It's gotta be so hard for him to knit with those big sausage fingers.

Actually they probably make it hard to sew too. >_>


by MistakeNPotatoes at

Oh, this is super cute. Great work!

by Jarvi at

Aren't they Roux? xD

by HapyCow at

Awww Taily I love this!!! :D Poor Nova, always stuck in the middle of THESE TWO..tsk tsk

by the rouge humingbird at

Go loupe go! you can finish that scarf.

by Alicia at

I loled. XD

by Taily at

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!!

Also wow it took me an entire minute to get the "nuts" pun, I'm gooooood

by Stever at

Adorable is right. That is really a great style!

by rufiangel at

Adorable!!! XD Incredibly adorable in both art and execution!!

by Damatris at

Aww, they are so adorable!

by Lt. Dom at

the best part about Autumn would be the scarfs. Also Loups not dead!

by LeRenardRoux at

oh thank goodness.

by Lt. Dom at

It's an Autumn miracle!

by Th4natos at

lol great work!

by DeadFish at

Tally, your lineart is so clean and beautiful. I love everything about this drawing!

by AAABatteries at

Your style is so cute! I love this!