The Unclean By Centcomm

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The Unclean By Centcomm
by Centcomm at

There is SO damn much I like about this comic.. It was hard to pin down just ONE element .. so here it is .. Hope you like it !

User Comments

by VanEzzania at

Oh dat hair!

by Centcomm at

replicating gravity is such a pain .. I hate long hair LOL but I was really pleased with this one :D

by ProfEtheric at

Oh, that's neat! Well done (as usual) Centy!

by Centcomm at

thank you ! :D

by Alicia at

Yes, I love that hair also!

by Centcomm at

^_^ coming from you thast makes me feel really good :D

by Stever at

This one looks so real to me. Maybe it's the pose or the lighting, but Damn that good!

by Centcomm at

I used full Ambient occlusion and full ray trace along with sub-surface and all that on her the pose is taken from a life model I used for references.

by graver13 at

That is one hi-def skin she's wearing there! Also, I think she might have been a hair too over zealous when she scooped out that pumpkin ;)

by Centcomm at

The Skin is taken from a life model ( a red head with freckles ) it just screamed as a perfect fit for her :D and yeah all her texture maps are 4k by 4k ( average is 2 to 3k pixels ) I generally work in high resolution for my best work :D

by Waffles597 at

Pumpky's a hit with the ladies. XP

by Centcomm at

yes he is .. you mighht notice its all the same pumpkin. that was intentional :D

by HapyCow at

Love her hair! And that pose! :D And the pumpkin, obviously.

by Centcomm at

hehe gotta have the pumpkin :D

by Twistedfro at

Omg! Totally love this! Blair in the flesh...this is wonderful. The pose...the hair...the skin..beautiful. :-)

by Centcomm at

^_^ YAY!