Demon Witch - Prototype By Lee V.

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Demon Witch - Prototype By Lee V.
by Centcomm at

By Lee V. of Ghost house *snickers*

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by VanEzzania at

I love this so much! It sums up my comic in one pic.

by Lee V. at

I'm glad you like it! It was really fun to draw. :)

by ProfEtheric at


by Alicia at

LOL "Yes, now don't move or I'll have to get you a new pair and start over!" XD

by Stever at

Haha! Nice XD

by Waffles597 at

I'm not sure which I would find more unpleasant: painting or being the one painted on. *shudders*

by Doomy at

Ooooh my.
I should do this one day to my boyfriend.