Xenobiosis- from lirvilas

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Xenobiosis- from lirvilas
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Xenobiosis. This piece was drawn by lirvilas.

User Comments

by kelverse at

Wow! That's super cute! Thank you so much!! :D

Bonus points for tackling her tattoo, you did a great job trying to draw that mess (I can't even draw it correctly sometimes) XD

by Centcomm at

oh very nice !! excellent work !!

by HeSerpenty at

Awwww what a pretty Lilith :D

This is so cute lirvilas! Love the fall theme!

by Spitfire at

Wow, really good picture of Lilith ^^ it's loaded with Magical girl feeling which I'm sure Rink picked up too ;D

by ProfEtheric at

Aww... cute, fills me with joy! Great work!

by Ninabird at

Love the tattoos. And the shoes!

by lirvilas at

This piece gave me a whole new respect for anybody who can draw that crazy "anime" hair consistently.

Sorry about misspelling your alias, but glad you like it, Rinkel!

by LeRenardRoux at

She spells it both ways!

You did a great job lirvilas! :D

by kelverse at

Either spelling is fine :3
Thank you soooooooo much I love this!

by Lt. Dom at

It also gives me a whole new respect for anybody who actually HAS crazy anime hair.

by TuxedoComics at

Nicely done! Got all the important details!

by Alicia at

Lilith makes raking seem so fun! :3

by Stever at

A great fall piece to get us in the mood for the season. Very nice lirvilas!

by rufiangel at

I am definitely impressed with the tattoo!! XD; <3 Cute job! Like the widdle flower prints in the hair!

by Th4natos at

lol Awesome work "hair"!

by AAABatteries at

Really nice pose! The textures in her hair add a nice touch.