Brichwood High by Babel116

in 2014 Halloween Fan Art Exchange
Brichwood High by Babel116
by Centcomm at

Babel116 does Steamsword ! :D

User Comments

by ProfEtheric at

Absolutely recognizeable style, good compostiion! Well done!

by Alicia at

I like that skeleton costume! (I want one of those too! :D)

by Wolfe at

Ahh!!! It's super cute!! I love it!! I also particularly like Sam in the background. His costume is the best.

by Stever at

Nice pumpkin carving!

by Monday at

I'm loving the Skeleton Costume.

by Waffles597 at

Oh my I love this so much for some unknown reason. Maybe it's because of how natural everyone looks. Also, I want that wizard hat. I would seriously wear that to school everyday.

by HapyCow at

Very cute and I love all the costumes. :D