Skybrigade by Doomy

in 2014 Halloween Fan Art Exchange
Skybrigade by Doomy
by Centcomm at

Doomy makes the wickedly delightful Demented !

User Comments

by alston123 at

This is nice. It kinda echoes steampunk to me, and I love that look! :)

by Doomy at

Thank you! Love the steampunk style too, haha.

by Babel116 at

top hats are always awesome.

by Doomy at

When in doubt, use top hats to make everything fancy-schmansy!

by ProfEtheric at

Wow, Doomy! That is cool as hell!

by Doomy at

Thanks, sweetie!

by Alicia at

Oooh, so wonderful! *.* You guys are making so much candy for my eyes today! <3

by Doomy at

... Well I do draw eye-candy for a living. xD

by Stever at

Beautiful everything in this one!

by Doomy at

Thank you so much!

by graver13 at

Love the color palette and love that border! (the rest is top notch as well)

by Doomy at

Thanks! I would have love to put this in full-color but the comic is in black and white so... xD;;;

by Spitfire at

Oh how perfect these are! You've outdone yourself Doomy!

by Doomy at

Thanks a bunch spitty!

by HapyCow at

Looks great Doomy! I love how clean and polished all your drawings are :D

by Doomy at

Haha d'aww thank you. :3

by Matt Knab at

Great illustration Doomy. High five!