Eternity Complex by Gryphon

in 2014 Halloween Fan Art Exchange
Eternity Complex by Gryphon
by Centcomm at

yeah.. thats a stained glass thing ! :D WOW Gryphon does Monsters With Benefits

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by ProfEtheric at

Now THERE'S a medium we don't usually see!

by Gryphon at

You still haven't seen it. I'm a cheat, I faked that stained glass!
Now you know my dark secret.

by zartala at

This is so COOL! I Love it!

Gryphon, if it's not too much trouble, may I ask for a larger picture of the stained glass?

Thanks so much for this awesomeness! <3

by Gryphon at

Sure, I'll see what I can do to get you a higher def pic.
Also, if you live in the US, I'll mail the piece to you if you're okay PMing me your mailing address.

by Alicia at

Ah, so COOL!

by Stever at

It's an amazing job Gryphon. Literally takes my breath away.

by Monday at

*slouches away, mumbling something bitter about overachievers....*

Seriously, though, that is cool.

by Waffles597 at

You always have to show off, don't you?

Love it regardless!

by Gryphon at

Fun fact: I compensate for mediocre art skills with showmanship.

by Spitfire at

Gryphon, I'm glad to finally see this! It's awesome ^^

by HapyCow at

Wow!!! I read in the comments it's not stained glass? >.> So what is it? Whatever it is, it turned out really awesome.

by Matt Knab at

What a great idea!