Eternity Complex by HeSerpenty

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Eternity Complex by HeSerpenty
by Centcomm at

HeSerpenty does Serpents of Old.. come on you know that ! Shes awesome! give her a hand!

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by ProfEtheric at

Oh, HeSerpenty... there you go making me jealous with that lighting again...

by HeSerpenty at

Lolol awww thank you so much! :D :D

by Alicia at

Oooh, this has a very creepy feeling to it! And I LOVE those colors too, Serpy!

by HeSerpenty at

Thanks Alicia! I had fun, yet again, with the colors here XDD

by zartala at

I'm so super jealous of the lighting and the water and the cave... This picture is so pretty! Thanks so much! <3

Also the pumpkin! Loving the cave graffiti!

by HeSerpenty at

I'm soo glad you like it! I saw that creepy water lady and I just HAD to draw her (perfect for Halloween!). Her design is soooo cool!
I think you're whole comic looks so interesting I wanna sit down and binge one of these days to catch up! :D

by zartala at

If you think she's creepy now, just wait until she has the chance to really shine. And glad you like her design. :)

Good luck with the binge read, there's a ton of pages. And the beginning is no where near the quality of what's currently being posted.

by Monday at

oOo, I love the atmosphere. Also, a very subtle pumpkin in this one.

by HeSerpenty at

I almost did a blue glowly pumpkin similar to the reddish one in the luna star piece-- aaah, but I lost the energy XD. You so didn't ask for all that information.
What I meant to say was THANK you! :D :D

by Stever at

The color is alive in this piece. HeSerpenty is Awesome!

by HeSerpenty at

Aww thanks Stever! YOU'RE awesome! :D

by graver13 at

After those red and orange ones this one really stands out! Cold. Wet. Chilling. And I was about to be all "so where's the obligatory pumpkin, huh?" but there it is, hidden like this was the weirdest Easter evah. XD

by HeSerpenty at

Thank you! I just felt this lighting to strong when I saw the characters <33

by Waffles597 at

Of course...Blue glowy stuff XD

by HeSerpenty at

I like blue...n I like glowy! :D

by Confettirainbowpony at

Me too! ;D and you did an AMAZING job on it!!! *_*!!!

by HapyCow at

*slow claps*.....*goes into real clap, hopes everyone else joins*

by Doomy at

Wooo extra creepy~