Electric Princess Miho from LeRenardRoux

in 2014 Halloween Fan Art Exchange
by LeRenardRoux at

Hope you like it, M!

User Comments

by ProfEtheric at

Cool idea! And, of course, well done!

by ilayas at

Man I am such a star trek nerd I actually remember that episode...

by Alicia at

Roux, this is soooo cool! <3 I love it when you make these so much! (Except I might be spending too much time playing with them, lol >____>)

by Sleeper at

I just about lost my shit when I saw Lal. That was the saddest episode ever.

by Monday at

Lal! Aww, now I feel bad for Data again.

Yup, I'm totally keeping her set to Snow White.

by Stever at

The way you did that with the outfits is such a great idea!

by graver13 at

Ha! Great idea! And the obligatory pumpkin one, that one cracked me up for reasons :D

by Waffles597 at

Dangit, Roux, why do you always have to be so awesome?

by rokulily at

wow okay, this is super nifty

by Spitfire at

Multitalented you! :D awesome ^^

by QuietClayton at

That's really cool...yep.

by The Letter M at

ba ha ha ha. Well done roux. This is the coolest. Thank you so much for going above and beyond to make a great piece.

by LeRenardRoux at

Yay I'm glad you like it! XD It was a lot of fun to do. There were a lot of possibilities for Miho, but I had to stop myself. XD

by HapyCow at

No way! Roux you're like the official ComicFury dress up guru XD This is amazing, I love how the pumpkin has glowy eyes from her robot parts.

by Doomy at

Whaaaaaaaaat this is so cool!

I used to play so many damn dress-up games...