A Different place By Centcomm

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A Different place By Centcomm
by Centcomm at

With Apology's for rokulily Enjoy ! - I kinda went off my gut on what she looks like from your Art.. Btw snazzy comic ! I like it!

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by rokulily at

:> yay thank you! i like the signa on his forehead, nice touch

by Centcomm at

Im so glad you like it I dont like ANYONE left out .. :D HUGS!

by HapyCow at

Wow! Reminds me of the rock monster from Galaxy Quest XD

by Centcomm at

ha! I remember that guy :D

by Stever at

I love that movie. Great rock monster :D

by Confettirainbowpony at

O.O WoW!! Nice monster!! And what a great layout\angle!! Very nice!!

by Centcomm at

thanks :D I really do like the way the shot turned out :D