ComicFury Thanksgiving Dinner

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ComicFury Thanksgiving Dinner
by Waffles597 at

Hey guys! It's finally time for the ComicFury Thanksgiving dinner! To view the full image, go here.

Sorry about not having a Thanksgiving layout for the exchange site; things've been a little crazy.

But, anyway, here's the full list of characters (and their respective comics) present:

1. Sam Christianos (Let It Ride)
2. Threshold (Threshold)
3. Hanna Hale (Shenanigans)
4. Gary (Love From Silent Hill)
5. Alan (Love From Silent Hill)
6. Loup Noir (The Wolf at Weston Court)
7. Lynn Taylor (Datachasers)
8. Kaza (Kaza's Mate, Gwenna)
9. Gwenna (Kaza's Mate, Gwenna)
10. J (Prosopopoeia)
11. Light Star (AKA Jen) (The Hub)
12. Mayy Storm (alternate version) (Zelfia)
13. Chili Weasel/Walrus (College Munchies)
14. Sam (Sam, Max, and Lucy)
15. Max (Sam, Max, and Lucy)
16. Peter (Co-Verlords)
17. Lucy (Sam, Max, and Lucy)
18. Callista (Child's Eyes)
19. Minion (Co-Verlords)
20. Elgin Bentley (The Wolf at Weston Court)
21. Ryae (Black Gate)
22. Whylon (Shifting Land)
23. Ra (College Munchies)
24. Bartender (Uncle’s Bar, State Street, Madison, Wisconsin, USA)
25. Greasy (College Munchies)
26. Tona Zehm (Holding Pattern)
27. Unknown (Shenanigans)
28. Violet (A Trip for Biscuits)
29. Elmer (Elmer the Eccentric )
30. Rei (Rei and Friends)
31. Belaudda (Shifting Land)
32. Leanne & Martius (Martius)
33. Snow White (Nachtmaehrchen)
34. Jeannie (A Trip For Biscuits)
35. Teleti (Shifting Land)
36. Dude (College Munchies)
37. Nova (The Wolf at Weston Court)
38. Keymen (Serpents of Old)
39. Lt. Bishop (Autumn Bay)
40. Byleero (Black Gate)
41. Chris Heart (Shenanigans)
42. Galina (Luna Star)
43. Dr. Gardevoir (Level 30 Psychiatry)
44. Dara (Xibalba)
45. Benjamin (Wastelanders Anonymous)
46. Kyocodile (Comic Fury) (as rendered by Jay042!)

If there are any problems with any of these links, let me know ASAP and I'll fix 'em.

User Comments

by Spellodello at

Wow! This turned out awesome! :D And there was enough food!

by lirvilas at

That giant leg-of-something that you (Spelledeg) brought was sacrificed last minute due to an addition I'd overlooked.

by zaika at

Oh my god...this is so awesome! :D

by Ninabird at

It's fantastic! It fits together really well. And Kyocodile is a great addition.

by Jay042 at

The Comic Fury mascot comic thread was the inspiration for including Kyocodile. I just drew him but had no idea where it was going to end up :)

by Monday at

Oooh, I love it. Awesome. Well done, everyone.

by Seabiscuit at

Wow! It even more awesome than expected! It's so cool seeing everyone together!!

by Stever at

Wow, that is truly epic.

by TheMario360 at

Thomas & Zachary would've joined them, but, they were busy fighting crime.

by LeRenardRoux at

Loup looks so intensely disdainful of Kaza's nakedness omg XD like "you and I have nothing to talk about except the tons of money you should pay me to right this situation."

Stellar job, lirvilas and Waffles. This is amazing.

by Binyamin at

This was really, really cool. All the characters fit together much better than you would have thought, with the different art styles.

by Centcomm at

that is awesome Lynn looks so embarrassed next to Karza and Gwen - and Gali looks happy as can be chatting away :D excelent - excellent work!!

by The Letter M at

Hah. How cool.

by Sir_Fonzie at

hahaha this is amazing i love the interactions thay greasy and dude have with other characters its perfect this was alot of fun to participate in

though i gotta admit its weird seeing chiliweasel and the walrus that small. it kinda seems like they are a cat and dog lol its interesting

by lirvilas at

Yeah, my bad on their scaling. I guess I was focusing on getting the giants the right size!

by Adina at

Saw this a little late, BUT this is super super awesome. GAHSHS, it really looks like a dinner, all the varying personalities and character interactions are awesome. This is amazing. Hopefully next year (if there's one!) I can participate! :D

(PS for blushy Elgin, that's the cutest thing ever)

by Vincethestick at

This is great! Good jorb all!

by Chris the Blue at

Aw, man, the one with the two different comic characters having a little toast is awesome!

by Chris the Blue at

Aw, man, the one with the two different comic characters having a little toast is awesome!

by Nutster at

The only problem with this is the last two did not have proper credit/linkage on the image itself.

by lirvilas at

Hit refresh. The final image changed once due to an addition I had to slide in last minute.

by HeSerpenty at

Wooooooow!!! SUCH an awesome thing to come home to! Lololol I chuckled at QUITE a few of these scenarios XDD

I gotta say... annoyed Loup with naked Kaza is beyoond perfect hahaha. Friggen Keymen-- next time he won't be late to a social comicfury event I promise XD

EXcellent work on this seriously! Everything is placed beautifully and it looks awesome!

by Cubase at

Green Bay Packers on the big screen? UW-Madison flag right next to it? Whoever added those bits has good taste in football teams!