ComicFury All-Star Christmas Choir

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ComicFury All-Star Christmas Choir
by Waffles597 at

The sweetest symphony of all has arrived! Falalalala!~ For the full image, go here.

Don't forget to thank Jay042 for putting this thing together and all the hard work he put into organizing our merry band of misfits!

Here's the list of all the participants! (Please let me know if there are any mistakes -.-;)

1. God (God's Revelation)
2. Cail Shah (Je-re-my)
3. The Undertaker's Daughter (Je-re-my)
4. Max (Indifferently Evil)
5. Kara (Indifferently Evil)
6. Matuin (Wikerus)
7. Wik (Wikerus)
8. Shaggy (Elmer the Eccentric)
9. Rhiannon (Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury)
10. Sam (Holding Pattern)
11. Jen (Jennfer's Show)
12. Kaza (Kaza's Mate Gwenna)
13. Gwenna (Kaza's Mate Gwenna)
14. Miss J (Jennfer's Show)
15. AbĂși (AbĂși's Travels )
16. Nintendo (Consolers)
17. Valve (Consolers)
18. Sony (Consolers)
19. Thomas (Thomas and Zachary)
20. Roseline Safira (Experiments)
21. Zachary (Thomas and Zachary)
22. Peter (Co-Verlords)
23. Kael (Demented)
24. Nimbus (Overload)
25. Kia (Kia's Comic)
26. Maoko (Elements)
27. Liz (Crestwood Cop!)
28. Fern's Dog (Crestwood Cop!)
29. Fern (Crestwood Cop!)
30. Jackie Bishop (Autumn Bay)
31. Chili Weasel (College Munchies)
32. Walrus (College Munchies)
33. Rosetta Valentine (Overload)
34. Phil (Indifferently Evil)
35. Elmer (Elmer the Eccentric)
36. Kyocodile (ComicFury)

This time around I was able to change the layout in time so Halloween's officially over until next year. This will serve as the layout between exchanges when nothing's really going on or we have small things like this.

User Comments

by Doomy at

Aww this came out really cute.

Good job everyone and happy holidays! x3

by ProfEtheric at

Love it! Merry Christmas, everybody!

by Jay042 at

This was a lot of fun to put together. It was always a treat to check my PM's and the thread every day and see what new creations had shown up.

Fitting everyone in the scene was the tricky part. Not only was I trying to squeeze everyone into frame without blocking other characters too much, I was also trying to create some little vignettes out of the character's interactions. Like the way all of the musicians gathered together or the way Sam (#10) is giving a leery sideways glance at Kaza and Gwenna (#12,13)

I guess did make the mistake of not specifying the characters should be standing up. So when I got Roseline (#20) and her sitting position, I googled up some clip art of tree stumps and perched her on that. I ended up using the stump again when Elmer (#30) showed up. For a while I had some of the shorter characters in front of him, and thought the stump helped elevate him. The other characters got moved about, but Elmer on his stump just looked too amusing not to keep.

by apocalypticnight at

This is so cool! :D
Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!! ;A;

by alston123 at

This is lovely!!
Merry Christmas everybody! ^_^

by Victory-Prime at

this looks great, Happy holidays everyone!

by argylefox at

This looks awesome, but who the heck is Sam?

by Jay042 at

Oh, got the names wrong sorry about that.

by Master Moron at

Great work on this, Jay! I'm glad I could take part in this, it looks really good!

by Zanreo at

Great work, everyone! Love this :D And merry Christmas!

by ep1 at

So much characters squeezed. Glad I put my character on a floating cloud to avoid the squeeze. And everyone's looking awesome and wonderful.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

by lirvilas at

Awesome contributions from everyone and great job Jay!

by Kiayndr at

...awesome !!!

...thank you !!!

by zaika at

This is so great! Wonderful job everyone!

I'm sad I didn't have the time to contribute. Hopefully this'll happen again. :)