Elements, by The Letter M

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Elements, by The Letter M
by ProfEtheric at



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by HeSerpenty at

Omg this is awesome X'D

Easter thing cleverly handled here! :D :D
Good job, M!

by Monday at

Ooh, slightly scary Easter - I like it!

by Centcomm at

This is really good.. :D lots of references :D

by The Letter M at

Thanks. I had fun making this. there's 15 Easter things to find. Eggs, rabbits and biscuits and one "object" from my comic. not so cleverly hidden but the definition of rabbit gets stretched a bit.

by ProfEtheric at

Creepy Easter FTW!

Seriously, this is great!

by HapyCow at

Haha very cool M! I think mine's on the same kind of level..a bizarre, easter related crossover thing. :P *high five* Looks great!

by alston123 at

I love it! It looks awesome! ^_^
Okay, now, Easter egg hunt time...*_*