Heart of Keol, by Centcomm

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Heart of Keol, by Centcomm
by ProfEtheric at



This piece is inspired by a character toward the beginning of Heart of Keol.

User Comments

by Monday at

Aww, she's adorable!

by Centcomm at

I have no idea who this character was - I liked her!

by ProfEtheric at

This girl IS adorable, Centy!

by HapyCow at

Ah very nice! I really want that outfit! :o Such a cool sweater!

by Leafa at

So cool seeing 2D characters rendered in 3D!

by Alicia at

Oooh cool! Love dem eyes! :o

by keiiii at

How pretty! Thank you! Love those eyes (which is my favorite physical aspect of this character)~

by Centcomm at

O also did my best to copy the markings around the eye :D i loved that design :D - im so glad you liked it !! :D (( your art is sooo darn pretty :D :D I was worried I couldn't do it justice