Robot- from Victory-Prime

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Robot- from Victory-Prime
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Robot. This piece was drawn by Victory-Prime.

User Comments

by ProfEtheric at

Hahaha! I love Gin! Great work!

by Victory-Prime at

Thanks! i'm glad you like it!

by Centcomm at

LOL this is fantastic :D nice work!!

by Victory-Prime at

thank you!

by Spitfire at

Wow such a long comic, that must have taken ages to finish :o

by Victory-Prime at

it did i had to do a page a day!

by HeSerpenty at

Wow you put in a lot of work to this!! Very nice job!

Gin always cracks me up XD

by Victory-Prime at

thank you, i had fun drawing it.

by Ninabird at

Wow, a lot of effort went into that!

by Victory-Prime at

It did! I'm glad everyone likes it!

by MistakeNPotatoes at

Woah! Way to raise the bar, a whole gosh-darn comic!?

by Victory-Prime at

Thanks! what can i say, it was actually supposed to be seven pages, but i didn't have the time.

by Sketchmazoid at

Haha dope!

by Victory-Prime at

Thank you! i'm glad you like it! you have a cool comic there!

by Alicia at

lol This was great! Wow, a full out comic? Lots of time and work put into this and it shows! :D

by Stever at

Wow, this one goes beyond even fan art. Incredible!

by rufiangel at

Seriously impressive O_O not just length-wise - it's a bunch of cool art and a fun idea all the way XD <3

by Lt. Dom at

*shreds out on marimba*

by graver13 at

Hey, now. Way to show the rest of us up... doing five freaking awesome pages to our (mostly) one. Damned good job. Now, stop raising the damned bar, will ya? ;p

by Th4natos at

The Bar has been Raised tremendously with this one! Thanks a lot, Victory-Prime!
Now my generic poses won't cut it anymore!

lol Amazing work!

by AAABatteries at

Looks like you put a lot of effort into this! Very nicely done!

by Matt Knab at

Wow, above and beyond the call of duty! :)

by argylefox at

The Ninjabread Man!