The Art of Monsters by MazitDynasty

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The Art of Monsters by MazitDynasty
by ProfEtheric at



There are 3 Easter Eggs. Can you find them?

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by HapyCow at

Ooh very nice! I like the shading on this a lot. Red is a good choice :D

by ProfEtheric at

Great atmosphere here. :)

by Leafa at

I can't even begin to go into how cool this is!!! I loooove it so much! Their expressions and their designs *incoherant babbling*

I suddenly realised a few weeks ago that whoever had me would probably be stuck doing black and white or being brave and guessing some colours (next job: creating colour references!!!)

by Monday at

Nice! The coloring is super cool.

by Centcomm at

really nice ! :D

by zartala at

Very lovely! :)

by Alicia at

Very nice! That red in there looks really sharp!