This Hostile Universe by lirvilas

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This Hostile Universe by lirvilas
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by Mothtrap at

Oh my god, this is great XD

by lirvilas at

The whole "put Easter theme stuff in there" requirement just kinda slipped my mind when I was scribbling this up... the ringed planet's colors were a total coincidence.

Lucky for me Mard don't give a dang about that sorta formality.

by Unsavory at

This is frikin awesome! The look of horror on Oliver's face is absolutely priceless. Thank you so much lirvilas! Totally worth staying up until 2:45 in the morning for!

by lirvilas at

Hey, no problem... keep up the great work on the CF Madness tourney!

by Centcomm at

LOL! this is aweosme ! :D

by Sleeper at

That expression on Oliver's face... Priceless.