Nachtmährchen by Mothtrap

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Nachtmährchen by Mothtrap
by ProfEtheric at



There are 4 Easter Eggs. Can you find them?

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by HapyCow at

Ooh Moth that's really neat! What a nice little illustration. Are there..refs to your comic? Well...Jerry's sweater...ummm a card? These are some well hidden eggs, or perhaps I'm just terrible at this

by Mothtrap at

Yeah, there are four refs :P
I think the problem is that I didn't choose very good things to hide. I'm not good at this Easter Egg thing--

by zartala at

Absolutely stunning! XD

by ProfEtheric at

This is hauntingly beautiful...

by Alicia at

So much pretty! *.*

by Zanreo at

This is so pretty :D

by RyoshiMicchi at

This is so beautiful and cute!
I absoluteley love it!!!
Thank you so much~<3

I think I found three easter eggs so far