Black Gate- from Alicia

in 2014 Autumn Fan Art Exchange
Black Gate- from Alicia
by LeRenardRoux at

Fanart of Black Gate. This piece was drawn by Alicia.

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by Spitfire at

Ohh shiny, your style is so recognisable :D simplistic yet strong ^^

by HeSerpenty at

Ooooohhh that's BEAUTIFUL!!! I swear everything Alicia touches becomes beautiful XDD

AWESome job! :D
And also cool looking characters!

by Calisa at

Oooh, glowy! <3 Nice job, Alicia. :)

by Centcomm at

wowsers .. ill say you can tell a Alicia piece from 100 meters >_< :D fantastic as always..

by HapyCow at

Wait..Alicia drew this?! No way! But it's so perfect and beautiful!


by the rouge humingbird at

This is so grate.

by VanEzzania at


by Spellodello at

OOOO! I love this! :D Oh my goodness wow!

by Alicia at

Cool! I am glad you like it! These characters were a lot of fun to draw for me and just came so naturally! :D I had to put his hair down after I saw his beautiful hair in the magical girl thread. XD <3

...Sorry it turned out so big. I can't computer properly. >.<

EDIT Ah, thanks for fixing the size for me, Roux! Yer the bestest! <3

by Spellodello at

I'm so glad! :D And haha! He actually prefers to wear it down anyway, but military and all, it's usually up!
Just, gosh I love this! You captured them really well!
And it's fine, I have a big monitor lol. So it shows up well. :D <3

by Stever at

I'm always amazed at Alicia's illustration style. Very cool!

by TheD-Wrek at

Nice and shiny! :D

by ProfEtheric at

Well done as usual, Alicia!

by rufiangel at

Waaah! Love that cyan shine, Alicia! This looks so good~~! :D <3

by Damatris at

Great job Alicia! <3 I love the color palette in this. It really makes the characters "pop".

by Lt. Dom at

*shreds out on kazoo"

by Th4natos at

Alicia being Alicia!!

Excellent work as always!

by Matt Knab at

Always like seeing your colors, Alicia!