Elmer the Eccentric by HapyCow

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Elmer the Eccentric by HapyCow
by ProfEtheric at



There is a weird Easter Egg here. Can you find it?

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by Zanreo at

Hahaha, nice! And I think I know what you mean by the "weird easter egg"...

by HapyCow at

Yeah? lay it on me! (haha get it!)

by Chris the Blue at

Jesus wa CONSTANTLY surrounded by jerks, if Superstar has historically accurate.

by HapyCow at

It's probably true

by Sir_Fonzie at

hahaha oh gosh this is cute great job hapy

by HapyCow at

Yay thank you :D

by Alicia at

lol This is great! XD From all of the experiences with Shadow Boy, it is always confusing whether you should run or hang out because you are so curious about what would happen if you did.

I think in this case it was "run." XD

by HapyCow at

Oh definitely run!!! :P

by alston123 at

Haha. Nice one, Hapy! :3

by HapyCow at

Thanks buddy :D

by Waffles597 at

What the-? Dangit, Hapy, this gets funnier every time I look at it. I should've peed before I logged on today... }:I

by HapyCow at

Oh good, I'm so glad you like! Honestly I have no clue if my comics are funny or not. XD I had fun drawing your characters!