Star Wars Day (ComicFury Style!)

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Star Wars Day (ComicFury Style!)

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by JammyTheBirb at

It looks amazing! :D

by lirvilas at

Awesome work, Jay!

by jenffer at

hey where is miss j and jen

by Jay042 at

I'm sorry, I completely forgot about you posting the characters in the forum.

by Sleeper at


Plus, I love those movie posters in the backdrop. Very nicely done.

by Jay042 at

Yeah, I found some fake movie posters from the Simpsons that I thought were amusing.

by Sir_Fonzie at

lol this came out nicely everyones characters look really cool

by alston123 at

This is cool! May the fourth be with you all. ;D

by Fyro at

Yay! Leia with a jedi sword. Yeah, well, she does have the force in her, right? lol

Anyway, everyone looks awesome! :D