Barbeque Fail

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Barbeque Fail
by Waffles597 at

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Thanks to our resident werewolf Jammy, ComicFury had a barbeque. Unfortunately, it rained. Almost everybody went home, but a few of us stayed and had quite a time.
Those who stayed include:

1. Rosetta (Overload)
2. Nimbus (Overload)
3. Shelley (Five Kids at Freddy’s)
4. Jocelyn (BadVibes)
5. Aquila (The Adventures of Aquila and Teren)
6. Galina (Luna Star)
7. Teren (The Adventures of Aquila and Teren)
8. Mei (Tinge)
9. Foxy (Five Kids at Freddy’s)

If there are any mistakes, let me or Jammy know ASAP and we'll take care of it.

User Comments

by MadJak91 at

That CAKE! Why is no one shielding the CAKE!
Soaked hamburgers are one thing but cake mush is unacceptable!

At least Shelley is having fun... :D

Stellar job cool people :D

by Centcomm at

Gali is enjoying it too! :D its RAAAIIN! :D thank you for this guys - its really cool!

by Zanreo at

Nice work, everyone! :D

Sorry I didn't have time for this, I'll try to join another time!

by JammyTheBirb at

So glad you guys like it! Thanks Waffles for all your help. This has been really fun to do, and I'm glad it all worked out!

by Guest at