Gold Blood by Alicia

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Gold Blood by Alicia
by Mimi at


by Alicia, of Silver.

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by junoro at

Oooh I love the way the blue eyes pop so much from the yellow background!

by Alicia at

Thanks! I really loved drawing these characters! <3

by kfish at

GGGGGAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! It's sooooooo cooolll! Thanks Alicia!

by Alicia at

Aw, thanks! Thank YOU! :D These guys are a lot of fun to draw! Definitely have to do it again! <3

by Leafa at

I really like the yellow lighting and limited colour palette in this - looks really interesting.

by Alicia at

Thank you! Yeah, I was doing a lot of experimenting with colors on this... But I hope it worked out. ^^

by Leafa at

It definitely did! :D

by azureXtwilight at

Wow it looks so cool!

by Alicia at

Thank youuu! :D

by HeSerpenty at

ALICIA thou never ceases to amaze me!!!! <3

by Alicia at


by zartala at

Very pretty! :)

by Alicia at


by ProfEtheric at

As usual, wonderful stuff from Alicia. Great job!

by Alicia at

Thanks! I was really limited with digital programs/no tablet/no scanner here... X'D Buuut I tried to pull it together anyway.

by JohnnyV at

This is very vibrant and wonderful! Great work!

by Alicia at

Thank you! ^^

by Matt Knab at

Very nice, Alicia!

by Alicia at

Thanks! I need to draw more thingssss.

by JammyTheBirb at

Silver and gold, haha! The colours look really nice. 0w0

by Alicia at

Silver and Gold, YUS! This is just begging for a crossover!

by CiciEnixa at

Aliciaaaa I love how bright and sunny the mood is! It's beautiful <3

by Alicia at

Thank you, Cici! ^^ *Erases all of the blood.* >_>;

by vousrein at

I love the colors! Very nice :D

by Alicia at

Thanks! I thought warm colors were good for that Halloween-ish mood. ^^

by gideonland at

I agree. This is awesome work!

by Alicia at

Thank you! :D