Abby Normal by cheshiresmiling

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Abby Normal by cheshiresmiling
by Mimi at


by cheshiresmiling, of The Friendly Wilderness.

User Comments

by revzet at

Dang son

by junoro at

I love the feel of movement in this picture!

by kfish at

Hahaha Benedict! hehehe

by Seabiscuit at

Aw man you can feel the fall~ :D

by TheMario360 at

The background makes this feel like it's in the comic itself. Great job.

by azureXtwilight at

I love dat coloringgg <33

by Mayyday at

Benedict needs a spinoff comic.

by HeSerpenty at

O heck yes Abby looks amazing in this style in THAT outfit! <333

by zartala at

This is soooooo pretty! :)

by ProfEtheric at

You really captured Abby, in general (even if she is dressed as one of your characters).

by rufiangel at

Holy smokes that's pretty, you so talented *_*

by Leafa at

Abby looks ready for anything!

by Matt Knab at

Omg, the poncho and hat! That's perfect!

by vousrein at

Ahh I love this!! Abby looks awesome and it's so fun that Benedict is wearing the hat and poncho :D