Wastelanders Anonymous by Chetan

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Wastelanders Anonymous by Chetan
by Mimi at


by Chetan, of Idol (Tsukuriwarai).

The artist is "deeply, deeply sorry for putting Felix in the deadbeat uncle costume".

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by Seabiscuit at

"deadbeat uncle costume" AHAHAHHAH

EeeEEeeeEe Oh gosh this is the cutest thing ahhhh
THEY'RE ALL SO CUTE aND eVA that laughing holy

I adore this so much thank you~ <3<3<3

e: and its ALL OF THEM I'm dizzy ;~;

by azureXtwilight at

Drawing five peeps all at one is so much work. I salute you!

by HeSerpenty at

DANG this is wonderful!! All the expressions! Ya done outdid yerself here Chetan! :D

by zartala at

Love everyone's reactions and interactions with each other! :)

by ProfEtheric at

Both adorable AND hilarious!

by rufiangel at

Oh wow, this is amazing XD <333

Please don't apologise for putting Felix in the deadbeat uncle costume LOL

by Leafa at

EEEE It's so fun to see those characters in this style.

by JammyTheBirb at

There's so much character here hahaha!
seriosuly nice job.

by gideonland at

Job well done. They all look amazing.

by NoiV at

I can't really explain why, but I really like this one. °v°
I think it's the whole thing that makes it extremely lovely ~ ♥