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Re:Set by CiciEnixa
by Mimi at


by CiciEnixa, of From Dust to Ruination.

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by Seabiscuit at

Bwaahaha! That sudden spookiness~ :D

by CiciEnixa at

Nothing says spooky like broken light bulbs and... cute roaches ;P

by junoro at

Haha bugs can really break down everyone to their weakest state, huh? This was really funny!

by CiciEnixa at

Funnily enough, I wouldn't have gotten this lovely idea if I hadn't read the 100 things about your character thread. I remembered reading about a cockroach incident before and it just came together XD Thank you ~

by azureXtwilight at

Omg this is the best thing ever anyone have ever done thankyouthankyou

by CiciEnixa at

Hahaha, no, thank YOU for this chance to meet these two adorable babus and the amazing comic/vn you've created :D Now I can go sub without seeming too suspicious *subs*

(P.S. I totally got the cockroach idea from the thread, and despite this thing not being canon, I still imagine it escalating to refridgerators being thrown :D)

by lirvilas at

1) Hilarious!

2) Nice shoes.

by CiciEnixa at

Hahaha, thanks lirvilas!

by HeSerpenty at


I LOVE me some Gerald in your style! (or any style!)...this is awesome X'D

by CiciEnixa at

;D I bet you would approve more over a shirtless Gerald, but we'll leave that to beautiful dreams~ Thank you!

by zartala at

This is amazingly hilarious! :)

by CiciEnixa at

Hee, thank you zartala :D

by ProfEtheric at

Hahahahahahahahaha! Wonderful!

by CiciEnixa at

Thanks, Prof :D

by rufiangel at

LOL gotta love the dress though XD how did she manage to glow like that in the earlier panels?


by CiciEnixa at

With glow-in-the-dark paint :D which... is probably a bad idea cuz now it'll never wash off and she shall glow in every dark room XDDD

Babu roach just wants mama to comfort him ;3;

by Matt Knab at

Haha, awesome. Love the expressions!

by CiciEnixa at

They were really fun expressions to draw, very much <3 thanks matt :D

by vousrein at

Haha this is super cute and really fun!!