Idol by Domship

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Idol by Domship
by Mimi at


by Domship, of When Taken.

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by Seabiscuit at

Holy shit Dom goin above and beyond as always
This is hilarious and cute ;~;

by shibazoid! at

omg i love this 7/5

by Mayyday at

I thought it was great but then it just KEPT GETTING BETTER! 6 stars.

by junoro at

I feel like I just went on the adventure of a lifetime. Such cool perspective in the panel where they're blasting off!

by HeSerpenty at

LOL love their faces at the end XDD

Ya did it again Dom! Ya made me laugh X'D..well done!

by zartala at

So cute and so funny! :)

by The Letter M at

Hahaha. Pretty awesome!

by ProfEtheric at

You know, Dom, you always leave me with the feeling of "what the heck?"

by rufiangel at


by CiciEnixa at

XDDD Everything about this is brilliant. I want those robot arms~

I'm giving this an AWESOME/10

by gideonland at

Excellent! The beeping; I was afraid she was going to explode. haha.

by Chetan at

omfg i'm howling, thank you so much