Consolers by HeSerpenty

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Consolers by HeSerpenty
by Mimi at


by HeSerpenty, of Serpents of Old.

There's a note from the artist!
"Not that I think Nintendo is villainous, I just thought she'd look really cool in Kalverick's armor X) (way cooler even than Kal himself!). I had a lot of fun drawin these guys! I'm not much of a gamer, but I nostalgically remember Nintendo being the first game console I ever played,the first Playstation being the first one I ever OWNED, aand the originaly x-Box being the LAST one I ever owned XD. So I wanted to draw to draw all three of these guys in there :D"

User Comments

by revzet at

I was not expecting this. But I like it xD

by HeSerpenty at

It suddenly dawned on me that of all my characters, Kal probz has the best outfit in terms of "costumey" XDD

Thank you!

by Seabiscuit at


by HeSerpenty at

Hehehehehehe! >:3

by ProfEtheric at


So cool, Serpy! And that seems so Nintendo!

by HeSerpenty at

Thanks Prof!! I thought it was oddly fitting! She really does look good in that outfit X'D

by zartala at

LOL. This is awesome! :)

by HeSerpenty at

Thank you, Zartala! <3

by azureXtwilight at

Wow, Serpy! Totally what I'd expect from Nintendo!

by HeSerpenty at

Hehehe thank you!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this could work! :D :D

by rufiangel at

She's rocking Kal's costume though! XD

by HeSerpenty at

Right?? More so than Kal himself!

by Zanreo at

Hahaha, love this! She's looking great in that costume :D Love Sony's and Microsoft's expressions too haha x3

by HeSerpenty at

YAaay I'm so glad!!! I had a lot of fun drawing these guys <3

Originally Sony and Microsoft weren't in there.... but they INSISTED, and I think they were right to butt in <3

by Zanreo at

Haha yes, their reactions seem pretty appropiate for the situation xD

by Matt Knab at

Haha, perfect!

by HeSerpenty at

Heheh thank you Matt!

by JammyTheBirb at

This is really cool! Nintendo looks so proud of herself XD and Sony and Microsoft at the front are making me laugh.

by HeSerpenty at

Thanks Jammz!! Hahaha those two I just HAD to put in there too <3

by CiciEnixa at

Nintendo looks so badass in Kal's armor XD Hope he's not looking for it right now (or maybe I do, since an underwear Kal running around angrily looking for his uniform is a wonderful thing)

by HeSerpenty at

LOL I suppose it will be sort of like the curren [unfinished] page only he'd be in his underwear flipping out like that! LOL I need to draw this now X)

by gideonland at

Haha! Good stuff. Just like Nintendo in real life.
I wonder what costumes the other 2 chose. lol.

by HeSerpenty at

Lol thank you!! It seemed oddly fitting in a way to me XDD

You know... I have no idea. If they're all trying to one-up each other.. I'm sure one of them would try to dress up as a Council member as they are Kal's bosses XDDD. The other.. perhaps Merek? As he wins the fan-vote XDD

I've officially over-analyzed this haha